RISUM is a project that sets out to teach yoga and Nordic walking from the perspective of self-discovery and postural awareness, since thought, sensations and actions are closely linked.

Its creator, Natàlia Oliva, is a sports psychologist, yoga teacher, International Nordic Walking Federation instructor and trainer for the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation.

In yoga it is vitally important to achieve deep, complete breathing and you can learn this at her workshops and courses, which teach students to control their body posture through comprehensive body awareness. This not only improves muscle tone, joint mobility and physical fitness, but also reduces stress and emotional tensions. The activities are held in the heart of the countryside and in places with a special energy force, such as the crater of a volcano in the Garrotxa region.


17172 Les Planes d’Hostoles (La Garrotxa)

Telephone: (+34) 677 274 320
Website: www.risum.cat