Marta Romaní Nutrició Conscient


Marta Romaní describes herself as passionate about healthy living and about living with love for oneself and for others (both of which, after all, are the same thing).

She loves blending in with nature from which, in fact, she originates. She enjoys acquiring and integrating knowledge about health, nutrition and wellness that she herself experiences with a view to conveying it with total assurance and confidence.

She finds inspiration for designing new delicious and evocative recipes in fresh foods, flowers, herbs, seeds and fruit and then creates workshops, sessions and plans, etc. to share all the best with you!

The experiences she offers come in the form of group workshops and personal vegetarian and vegan cuisine sessions, comprehensive advice with which to delve fully into conscious nutrition and advice to companies.


Marta Romaní Nutrició Conscient
Raval 6
17256 Pals (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 678 312 590