Ess-Artistic Well-being by Mónica Traviesa


We design experiences merging Spa, Art, Nature and massage, our treatments are authored, unique and exclusive.

With its own seal and name, where the tangible becomes intangible and the intangible, magically tangible...

Our SPA is an art gallery our treatment menu, they are sensory pictures where we explain each experience to the customer, the non-verbal language of Art comes through brushstrokes of Well-being to our senses, thus getting an experience in itself, know our letter.

The roofs of our massage cabins are also pieces of art, they will help you enter a deep Nirvana of Wellness. The unconscious works more with symbols than with reasoned words, therefore, the use of the Arts facilitates the process of reflection and its development.

Access to the SPA is totally exclusive, you will not find more people.

Our treatments are designed to manage stress, improve quality of life, have awareness of emotions, an anchor to the present to heal the mind with our lifestyle:

• essignThinking: Our discipline that uses sensitivity and creativity to match people’s needs with Well-being.

• essfulness: Our tool to make Mindfulness tangible

The fundamental thing is to give you space to expand the imagination, let yourself go and enjoy the ess experience.

Respect and love are our values, take care of you, take care of the planet.


Ess-Artistic Well-being by Mónica Traviesa
de Sant Pere del Bosc, s/n
17310 Lloret de Mar (La Selva)


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