Ajuntament de Caldes de Malavella


The unique thermal springs at Caldes have been shaping life in the town since ancient times. Its streets, squares and gardens overflow with the heritage of a historical legacy forged through the close link between the waters and the townsfolk: the Roman Baths, the Spas, the modernist houses, the promenades, therapeutic itineraires and healthy forests...

Today, the thermal water at Caldes de Malavella reaches the surface at an average temperature of 56C-60C and the spas offer health and beauty hydrothermal therapies.


Ajuntament de Caldes de Malavella
Pl. de l'U d'Octubre de 2017, s/n
17455 Caldes de Malavella (La Selva)

Telephone: (+34) 972 480 103
Website: www.visitcaldes.cat