Mas Pineda


Mas Pineda is a farmhouse of the thirteenth century, located in a privileged place, isolated from the village, in the middle of nature, with forests, meadows, panoramic views of the valley... A historic farmhouse, where maximum comfort, antiques, nature and sustainability coexist.  

Once here one can rest, walk, climb mountains, do yoga, meditate, listen to birds, forest baths... The garden is perfect for any outdoor activity, at any time of the year. The farm has a mature forest with a custody contract. 

The farmhouse has several rooms, between 30m2 and 180m2, ideal spaces for all kinds of activities. Also a garden area of more than 350m2.


Mas Pineda
Mas Pineda
17856 Montagut i Oix (La Garrotxa)


  1. 🥦 En nuestro día a día, tenemos poco tiempo para cocinar, pero eso no quiere decir que no podamos comer sano. Elige……

  2. 🎨 Expressa les teves emocions a través de la pintura de la mà de la Laia Bedós Bonaterra, qui t'ensenyarà a connect……

  3. 💆🏻‍♀️ Amb l’aigua recollida de la pluja, la música terapèutica i la llum de les espelmes, gaudeix d'una experiència……

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