Terramar, natura i cultura


Terramar, Natura i Cultura is a company with over ten years' experience in the dissemination, revitalisation and management of natural, cultural and social heritage. Its main areas of work are:

The design, management and provision of guided tours and educational activities related to the natural, cultural and social heritage of the county of Alt Empordà. Its services are aimed at all sorts of groups, including families, groups of friends, seniors, children's activity clubs, associations and companies.

Terramar offers guided tours of various sites in Alt Empordà, such as the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, the House of Canons of Sant Maria de Vilabertran, the ruins of Empúries, the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park and the Cap de Creus Natural Park.

Terramar works in conjunction with those who operate these sites, providing the official tour guide service at some of them.

It also offers visitors the chance to explore the world of wine on tours of various local wineries, including the Garriguella Cooperative, the Empordàlia Cooperative or the Arché Pagès winery.

The design, management and provision of guided tours and educational activities related to the natural and cultural heritage of Alt Empordà.

Terramar offers a wide-ranging portfolio of educational group activities for the various sites at which it operates. This portfolio encompasses all educational levels, from primary school to university.

Management and revitalisation of sites, heritage and tourism resources. We strive to make heritage and resources come to life, with the efficient management of sites and services. Information centres, shops, room hire, organisation and coordination of parallel activities (exhibitions, courses, shows...).

Technical consultancy services. Our services include the design and execution of awareness and environmental communication campaigns, the drawing up and signposting of trails, the production of value catalogues and information panels...


Terramar, natura i cultura
de l'Empordà, 8 baixos
17476 Palau de Santa Eulàlia (L’Alt Empordà)

Website: www.costabravaexperience.cat