Photo of Axial-Natura in Caldes de Malavella

1. Guided trip to the Tudela beauty spot. Cap de Creus Natural Park.

3-hour route (3.5 km, low level of difficulty) along one of the most unusual and wildest stretches of the Catalan coastline. Discover breathtaking geological formations and scenery, exploring the main habitats of the area, the curious history of the construction and deconstruction of the Club Med holiday resort, and the close relationship between this area and the life and work of Salvador Dalí.

2. Guided trip to Cap Norfeu. Cap de Creus Natural Park.

3-hour route (4 km, medium level of difficulty), in one of the region's least-known but most beautiful natural areas, strongly associated with stories of pirates and ancient defence systems.

- Opening times / season:

Pre-arranged visits throughout the year.

Visits organised on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, from October to May.

Visits organised every Saturday (afternoon-evening) from June to September.


Av. Doctor Furest, 20
17455 Caldes de Malavella (La Selva)

Telephone: (+34) 678 765 685