Escola de Natura de Banyoles


The Escola de Natura de Banyoles (Banyoles Nature School) is an organisation devoted to environmental education, awareness and communication. We have also incorporated other local places of natural and social interest as educational resources and have undertaken projects in other areas such as tourism, environmental awareness, adaptation of places of natural interest, publishing of informative literature and environmental management, among others. BANYOLES LAKE is a natural area of great ecological importance. With its basin, it constitutes the most important KARST LAKE SYSTEM in Catalonia, with such a range of interesting features that it could be considered an outdoor classroom.


A LAKE OF LEGENDS: We will immerse ourselves in the world of the legends of the lake, bringing together tradition and ecology. Through these tales we'll discover some of the basic information on the ecosystem of Banyoles lake.

THE SECRETS OF THE LAKE: The tour begins at the Nature School, where various scale models will show us how the lake basin functions, explaining the water course, the bottom of the lake and the formation of the travertine. We'll also find out about life in the lake, its flora and fauna, and get a chance to observe plankton under a microscope.

MORGAT, MORGAT GO HOME OR YOU'VE HAD IT! BICYCLE TOUR OF PONDS AND LAGOONS The trail begins around the lake, heading to the church of Santa Maria and then on to the ponds of Can Cisó. We then pedal on to the plain of Can Morgat to visit the lagoons. We stop off at the aquatic wildlife observatory of the Margarit lagoon.

FROM THE LAKE TO LES ESTUNES: The trail begins at the Nature School, and stops at various points around the lake in order to find out how it functions. The trail continues past the spring and wetlands of La Puda, where the ponds are located, before moving on to an important beauty spot, Les Estunes. The travertine (rocks formed by lake sediments) feature crevices that can be explored.


Escola de Natura de Banyoles
Pg. de la Draga, 5
17820 Banyoles (El Pla de l’Estany)

Telephone: (+34) 972 58 13 16