Ocitània, Terra de Lleure (Land of Recreation), is the result of our love of adventure and our respect for the local environment. Located of Gualta, in the heart of Baix Empordà, we organise recreational activities in natural settings for groups of friends, families or couples. We offer the silent and amazing Segway X2, suitable for all ages, or fun laser combat games in which strategy and cunning are all-important. We also have mini quad bikes with a special circuit for children and buggies for older riders, along with a zip line, archery, orienteering games and a log cabin with a barbecue and playground for events, family celebrations, stag/hen nights, business meetings, etc.

Ocitània, innovative fun.

Segway excursions... Respectful, easy and fun. Check out the Segway X2, a new way of exploring Empordà. With this electric vehicle you can climb mountains, travel along beaches, along paths in wetland areas or along the streets of a town... Suitable for all ages, you can learn to drive one in two minutes and a guide is always on hand to offer technical assistance and information of interest on the landscape.

Buggies and Mini 4x4... At Ocitània we adopt the same approach to vehicles as we do to our other activities; it's all about enjoying Empordà in a different way. That's why we restrict the speed of the route to 40 km/h, making sure you can enjoy the scenery as you travel along the route. An instructor will guide you, stopping at key points to offer information of interest on the landscape. And for children there's a fun natural circuit for mini quad bikes (battery-powered and petrol-engine models). Bends, twisting tracks, slopes... little challenges for little drivers.

Laser combat... Strategy, running, hiding, crawling and shouting! A fun game to be enjoyed with family and friends. No blows and no pain, just thrills and laughs. The latest infra-red and remote control technology combined with different games in the heart of nature.


Torroella de Montgrí a Parlavà, km 0,5
17257 Gualta (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 755 082
Fax: (+34) 972 758 798
Website: www.ocitania.cat