Banyoles Tourist Information Office

Photo of Banyoles Tourist Information Office in Banyoles

On 28th July 2006 the Tourist Information Office was opened in the refurbished Sarquella fishing hut, known as fishing hut number 10, right next to the lake at the arrival point for most tourists in Banyoles.

The fishing huts of Banyoles Lake are small huts located on the east bank of the lake, on the town side. They all have their own names. The first huts were constructed in the mid-19th century and others were added until 1931, when the town council placed a ban on the building of any new huts. Up until the 1960s they have been refurbished at various times and in a variety of styles. These little huts were initially designed with the purely practical function of facilitating fishing activity. However, over time additional space was added in order to keep a boat (a sign of wealth and social class). Later on, with the increasing popularity of sport and the growth of the Catalan upper middle class, some of the huts were extended further in order to keep one or two boats there, for swimming purposes or even to make them suitable as accommodation. The fishing huts and the lake area were declared a picturesque landscape in 1951. Later on, in 1996, they were declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest by the Government of Catalonia, in the historic garden category.

The refurbishment works of fishing hut 10 restored it to its late 19th century appearance, when it was used as a private bathing area for ladies. Notable features include the skylight, offering plenty of overhead light, and a wooden lever at the back, designed to enable tourists to enjoy the wonderful view while they browse the information provided by the office.


Banyoles Tourist Information Office
Darder - pesquera, 10
17820 Banyoles (El Pla de l’Estany)

Telephone: (+34) 972 58 34 70