Kayak del Ter


Tourist river descent through the alluvial plain in the final stretch of the river Ter. The journey downriver passes through places of great landscape value that feature in the European LIFE programme for Natura 2000 network green corridors. It is an easy descent with different sections that meander through the Gironès and Baix Empordà counties and through some totally uninhabited places, thus giving rise to a virtually unmatchable sense of getting away from it all. Guaranteed contact with nature.

- Section 1 Colomers - Verges: 7.5 km (approx. 2 hours)

- Section 2 Sant Jordi Desvalls - Colomers: 6.3 km (approx. 1.5 hours) *

- Section 3 Sant Julià de Ramis/Celrà - Sant Jordi Desvalls/Flaçà: 17 km (approx. 4 to 6 hours) *

- Section 1 combo with cycle tour

- Section 1 combo with hiking

- Hire of boats for drifting freely along the Colomers meander *

- Nature, birdwatching guides and canoeing instructors

Sections 1 and 3 are by kayak while section 2 and the journey through the Colomers meander can be done by Canadian canoe (Indian-type).

The activity is suitable for everyone. All you need is to be able to swim.

* Sections closed for nesting birds from 15 March to 1 July. Section 1 is open all year.

Special prices for groups.


Kayak del Ter
C. Costa Brava, s/n
17144 Colomers (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 662 159 469
Website: www.kayakdelter.com


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