Portbou Port


Portbou Port is located in the south of the Portbou Bay right next to Gatillepis Point, nestled in the depression between two mountains, Puig del Claper and Puig del Falcó, between the crest line and the town centre of Portbou. The coastline is composed of towering sheer cliffs with coves scattered here and there between them. The port contains mooring points for leisure boats and a launch area for all sorts of boats with a travel-lift for large tonnage and a wintering harbour, which attracts fishing boats and other types of boats from the surrounding marinas. The port has a two-way connection with the WWTP (waste water treatment plant) of Portbou, which enables the reuse of sanitary water and the cleaning of boats with jet sprays.

Other services:

Filling station, slipway, gantry, Wi-Fi, WCs, showers, parking facilities, harbour master's office, 24h security.

Depth: 8 - 10 m

Mooring points: 297

Coordinates: 42º 25' N - 03º 10' E


Portbou Port
de la Sardana, 11, 2n
17497 Portbou (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 390 712
Fax: (+34) 972 390 218
Website: www.portdeportbou.cat