Glops d'Història - Arqueologia, paisatge i vi

Photo of Glops d'Història - Arqueologia, paisatge i vi in Girona

As the company’s name Glops d’Història (“Sips of History”) suggests, this is a different vision of the world of wine. Romina, your archaeologist guide, will immerse you in the wine-growing history of the Empordà region through its wines, landscape and inhabitants.

As you tour the region you’ll learn all about wine and the importance that it has had dating back to when Phoenician and Greek traders arrived on our coasts, some 2,500 years ago now. You’ll go back to the origins of monastic vineyards with stories about monks and soldiers. You’ll find out about how the phylloxera plague arrived, how the peasants joined together in agricultural cooperatives and how nowadays wineries and winemakers have recovered the traditional varieties of grapes, thus preserving the important Catalan wine-growing heritage.

You’ll visit wineries, some of the Empordà’s unique, little-known places and landscapes, ranging from ancient vineyards and dry-stone huts to the most emblematic monuments in the region connected with its wine culture and its history.

You’ll also be able to take part in “historical wine-tasting”, and with Catalan wine as the common theme, you’ll learn when casks replaced the amphora or why, thanks to an Aquitaine princess, half the world now drinks wine from three-quarter litre bottles, as well as discovering that Dom Pérignon probably never even got to taste champagne!

All these activities are intended for your enjoyment and to enable you to learn about the different cultures and ways of making and drinking wine in our region in the past, while at the same time focussing on our present and future, on the uniqueness and potential of Catalan wine and our wine-making heritage.


Glops d'Història - Arqueologia, paisatge i vi
17001 Girona (El Gironès)



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