Bean Fair


The Bean Fair has been held in Sant Llorenç de la Muga every year on the first Sunday of March since 1999.

Around 60 craft stalls from Alt Empordà and the neighbouring counties are open tall day long and in the centre of the square visitors can buy white haricot beans of the ganxet alt variety, cultivated in Sant Llorenç, either to cook at home or to try there and then, accompanied by botifarra (Catalan sausage) bread and allioli (garlic mayonnaise).

Since 2007 the ancient trade of charcoal making has also been recovered. Work starts on building up the charcoal pile (composed exclusively of holm oak wood) from the end of January, from which the natural charcoal is then extracted in the traditional way. The charcoal can also be bought on the day of the bean fair.

In the most recent fairs various competitions have been held (eating beans the fastest, hitting targets with raw beans), along with a gathering for the exchange of cava bottle caps. Each year a bottle cap is presented at the gathering to commemorate the fair.


Bean Fair
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