Hotel Cala Joncols


The hotel is located in a remote cove on the Cap de Creus, which you can get to either by a winding road, or by sea (we can come pick you up in our water taxi). The landscape is so silent that it makes you come alive: there are olive trees, vineyards, the sea, the sky, and a horizon that invites you to dream... plus a hotel that invites you to live to the fullest. The surroundings offer an essentially Mediterranean experience: silence, rest, and time standing still; only your body will tell you when it is time to eat, rest or play. The restaurant takes special care to offer a gastronomic experience founded on cooking from the sea and the land, with vegetables from our garden, fresh fish from the auction in Roses, meat from Girona, and Empordà wines aged for six months under the sea. At our diving centre you can dive to the bottom of the cove; or you can treat yourself in our Wellness Area: immerse yourself in bodily sensations, enjoy a massage, Jacuzzi or sauna. Everything is at your fingertips for an experience to touch body, mind and soul. Enjoy your moment.


Hotel Cala Joncols
Platja Cala Jóncols
17480 Roses (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 253 970