Les Cols


Fina has run Les Cols restaurant in Olot –housed in the farmhouse where she was born and which she now owns– since 1990.

Her cooking speaks volumes with few elements. She strips dishes down to their basics without losing the poetry of her craft. Hers is an austere yet crucial cuisine: refined yet generous. She conveys sincerity, balance, austerity and naturalness in an authentic and emotional way: with enthusiasm, intuition and sensitivity. It is a cuisine intricately tied to the land and the seasons, to local products. Sustainable cuisine in a globalised and increasingly inauthentic world. Fina’s cuisine is a reflection of her personality.

Her dishes, rooted in the land and the surrounding landscape, have led to the research and recovery of the region’s traditionally cultivated products.

She applies her singular perspective to local Garrotxa products: buckwheat, the Vall d’en Bas potato, sweet corn, poultry (chickens and ducks), Santa Pau beans, ratafia liquor, Olot cake, pork and sausages, wild river trout, snails, wild boar, truffles, chestnuts, turnips, mushrooms, herbs and flowers…

She strives to prepare the most intimate and familiar dishes translated into a modern language. She exalts humble products, draws inspiration from nature and landscape, reinterprets and adapts the products of the local environment, plays with the empty space on the plate and contrasts tradition and modernity. The same philosophy that inspired the architectural renovation of the restaurant inspires her cuisine.

Fina thinks of her team as an extension of the family and has created a solid spirit of understanding in her kitchen over the years. She believes that the purpose of her restaurant is to make people happy. Therefore, she attaches great importance to the ritual and wants her guests to enjoy each of the pleasures of sitting around a table: the luxury of light and silence, the importance of gestures and looks, the peaceful ambiance, the hospitality…

Les Cols offers a low-cost, €15 menu every Thursday: Catalan soup and stew in winter and a rice dish at Tossols (on the banks of the Fluvià river) during warmer months.


Les Cols
Les Cols. Ctra. de la Canya, s/n
17800 Olot (La Garrotxa)

Telephone: (+34) 972 269 209
Fax: (+34) 972 270 727
Website: www.lescols.com


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