Can Rafa


Married couple Rafa Martín and Carmen Faixó opened the Can Rafa restaurant off the Plaça del Passeig in Cadaqués in 1982, following in their families’ restaurantindustry

footsteps: Martín by way of his family’s Casa Anita restaurant and Carmen through the Faixó family bar Melitón, both located in Cadaqués as well.

The couple’s children (Ester, Georgina and Rafel) have since joined the family business and Can Rafa continues to offer guests seasonal cuisine specialised in fresh fish

from the Cap de Creus headland. The restaurant is also known for its mouth-watering menu of homemade desserts and the house’s self-produced wines (Cadac

and Perafta).


Can Rafa
Marítim, 7
17488 Cadaqués (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 159 401

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Holidays: From December to February