La Barberia de Palamós

Photo of La Barberia de Palamós in Palamós

After twelve fruitful years running the Cal Barber restaurant in Sant Antoni de Calonge, the bistro family has now embarked on a new adventure. It is a family project based on two very clear ideas: wines from the Empordà region and produce from Girona. The philosophy will continue to be the same as the bistro’s: products that are locally-sourced and produced as sustainably and ecologically as possible. It will be a much more informal restaurant, where top-quality products will be prepared with the focus on preserving and highlighting their natural flavour and texture. Besides this, there is a whole programme of events and presentations scheduled revolving around the world of good food and wine.

You’ll find the Empordà’s bohemian cultural wine bistro in Palamós, in a little, old building with a Catalan vault and loads of history in the Planassa district, very close to the harbour.


La Barberia de Palamós
Onze de setembre, 89
17230 Palamós (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 651 446


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