Grand Recosind

Photo of Grand Recosind in Capmany

This family-run museum houses a collection of utensils, objects and documents belonging to the Artizà-Cusí-Santamaria family, devoted to the world of vineyards and wine since 1680. The section devoted to Gregori Artizà (Capmany, 1839-1921), a school teacher by profession and writer of several books, is particularly noteworthy. In 1906, Gregori Artizà took part in the 1st International Congress of the Catalan language, where he gave a lecture. The museum houses a copy of the congress book, which lists all the lectures given there, along with a first edition (1918) of Gràmatica catalana by Pompeu Fabra. Gregori Artizà was given the task of detecting and monitoring phylloxera in the province of Girona and the museum displays several official documents, articles and utensils that he used in his study of this insect. As for the other items on display in the museum, it is worth mentioning three pieces of furniture listed as belonging to the 18th century Catalan farmhouse: a headboard in the Olot style, a bridal chest and the front of another bridal chest.


Catalan, Spanish and French


Grand Recosind
Major, 6
17750 Capmany (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 549 033