Celler Brugarol


The winery nestles, concealed underground, where the vineyards merge with the surrounding woodland. The building was designed by Olot architects, RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes, and is stunning in its boldness and its perfect symbiosis with nature. The parallel rusted steel panels inclined at different angles above ground are a highly original way of endowing the ensemble with structural and dynamic order. Underground lies a labyrinth of cool, dark, insulated, climate-controlled passageways. Once inside, we are enveloped by the world of shadows. Through the gaps left between the steel panels, the earth and stones, the light sketches spaces and creates paths of muted gleams. We are surrounded by the sound of silence, the rich aroma of wine, the feel of the strength of the materials and, as we taste the wines, we finally bring all five senses into play.

The spectacular architectural project alone makes a visit to the winery well worthwhile. Yet, there is also the added bonus of enjoying a wine tasting session under the guidance of our expert winemakers, who will help you to fully appreciate the virtues and characteristics of our wines. Wine tasting can be accompanied with tapas or a selection of small sampling dishes or, if you prefer, with a hearty brunch at the farmhouse, based on natural, organic produce grown on the property.


Catalan, Spanish, English and French


Celler Brugarol
Camí de Bell.lloc, s/n
17230 Palamós (El Baix Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 316 203
Website: www.brugarol.com/