Celler Martí Fabra


Masia Carreras is a property consisting of small vineyards (less than one hectare on average) on rough terrain due to changes of level in the soil, which are suitably laid out to make the very most of the sun to favour the maximum development of the aromas and the optimal ripening of the grapes. These vineyards are on the slopes of the Alberes Mountains, an area with a great diversity of plant species that nourish the vines with the innumerable fragrances of Mediterranean bushes, responsible for the great complexity of the floral, spicy and mineral aromas found in the wines.

The ageing of the wines in the Martí Fabra Winery takes place in the basements of Masia Carreras. Documented since the 12th century, the farmhouse has always belonged to the Carreras family which, according to the records preserved, has spent its life dedicated to cultivating vineyards and making wine.


Celler Martí Fabra
Barri del Vic, 26
17751 Sant Climent Sescebes (L’Alt Empordà)

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