Masia Serra

Photo of Masia Serra in Cantallops

Masia Serra has been producing quality wines since 1996, when Jaume Serra and his wife, Sílvia, decided to start up their own winemaking and wine tourism project with the vine stocks planted by his grandparents in 1961, together with those added by his parents in 1990. Wine production began in the very farmhouse that his parents had constructed right next to the entrance to the estate, located in Cantallops. The winery you see today has been gradually built over years with a great deal of hard work. Today, Masia Serra produces a crémant, a 100% white garnacha white wine (Ctonia), three red wines (Io, Aroa y Gneis), a 100% red garnacha dessert wine (Ino) with an 1860 solera, and an oil made 100% from the argudell variety of olives (Dara). The vines of Masia Serra are located right at the foot of the Albera Massif, at the start of the climb towards Recasens Castle. They grow in a granite soil that gives the wines great personality. In this idyllic spot, Jaume and Sílvia have created El Recés, an ideal place for getting away from it all and soaking up their passion for wine and for the soil. Here they sit around the table with their visitors, who can sample their wines, accompanied (if they wish) by a wonderful selection of delicacies. All of this after a full tour of the vineyards and winery facilities.


Catalan, Spanish, English and French


Masia Serra
C. dels Solés, 20
17708 Cantallops (L’Alt Empordà)

Telephone: (+34) 972 531 765