La Vall d'en Bas - Les Preses

Different season-appropriate activities are available in each of the eight towns in La Vall d'en Bas.

The main accommodations in La Vall d'en Bas are rural homes, but also there are a municipal hostel and a four-star hotel. You will feel at home in all the accommodations.

We suggest visiting Els Hostalets, a postcard-perfect town, or enjoying the views from the square in El Mallol. Or you could take a stroll through the old quarters of Sant Esteve d'en Bas, Joanetes or Sant Privat. On a clear day, the outstanding views from Falgars attest to the transformations the landscape has undergone because of the volcanoes. You can also visit farms, go on a tour with a mini-train or visit waterfalls after the rain.

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La Vall d'en Bas

La Vall d’en Bas is full of charm. Surrounded by ridges, scarps and peaks, it extends along a green and fertile plain, bathed by mountain streams and dotted with churches and manor houses.